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Doubcool 5 In 1 Professional Hydra Dermabrasion Ultrasonic Cold/Hot EMS Oxygen Facial Moisturizing Machine

Doubcool 5 In 1 Professional Hydra Dermabrasion Ultrasonic Cold/Hot EMS Oxygen Facial Moisturizing Machine


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  1. Ultrasonic Skin Lifting
  1. Hot Hammer Import
  2. Cold Hammer calms skin & Pores Shrinking
  3. EMS Skin Lifting, STimulation Cells, Tighten Wrinkle Remover 
  4. Oxygen Cleansing  and Moisturizing


What Is Ultrasonic Massage? Ultrasonic Use Of High-Frequency Ultrasonic Wave (1000000 / 3000000) Shocks To Promote Human Blood Circulation And Speed Up Metabolism. Application Ultrasound, With All Kinds Of Cream Cosmetics, Penetrate Into The Skin To Strengthen The Organization To Beauty Effect.
Heat opens The Pores Smoothly, The Ice Feeling Helps Relax The Skin And Reduces The Skin Temperature, And Tightens The Pores After Treatment. In addition, The Wall Penetration Can Make Nutrition Deep Into The Skin.
Release As High As 40℃ Thermotherapy Massage And - 15-0℃ Strong Ice Feeling, And The Pulse Current Generated By Electric Wall Breaking Technology Can Pass Through The Skin, Instantly Create A Large Number Of Nutrients Into The Cell Wall, So That It Can Penetrate Directly And Quickly Into The Bottom Of The Skin, And Then Into The Deep Cell. 
By Outputting Simulated Human EMS-Current, It Can Go Through The Skin Into Muscle Cell, Stipulating Energy ATP Contained Inside The Cell, Enable Cell To Regain Normal Operation And Function. The Unit Is Application Fo Latest Technology With Preset Computer Program That Can Help For Better Shaping For Lineament, Facial Sharpening, Double Layers Chin, Wrinkle, Crow’s-Feet, Pouches, Black Eye, Etc. Boosting Up Facial Blood Circulation And Metastasis, Reducing Facial Splash And Pore Constriction. BIO Will Tighten And Refine The Facial Skin Int Sanguine Condition, Which Have Proofing Effect To Loosen Skin, Reaching The Purpose Of Beauty Enhancement.
Nutrition Or Cosmetic Product Can Be Filled Into The Stainless Steel Bottle. With High Pressure, The Nutrition And Oxygen Are Sprayed On The Skin Area Which Greatly Enhances Nutrition To Be Absorbed Maximally, Skin Cleaning And Skin Rejuvenation.


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Joanne Yu

Sales Manager

Phone/Whatsapp: +86 18520180288

Email : sylphbeauty@gmail.com

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