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Venus RF vacuum Radio freqquency Multifunctional liposuction beauty machine equipment

Venus RF vacuum Radio freqquency Multifunctional liposuction beauty machine equipment


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Product Description:

Vacuum RF slimming instrument is used in radio frequency combined with vortex vacuum technology slimming products, based on aerodynamics is combined with the technology of intelligent mechanical stimulation and RF system, to produce strong biological energy, increase the deep temperature, completely break the deep fat in the body, accelerate fat burning, make the skin collagen regeneration, effectively tighten the skin. Pull up the skin and subcutaneous muscle tissue, through the radiofrequency electrode in the therapeutic head, to absorb and deep massage the body, make suction, kneading, and pulling mechanical movement on the skin and adipose tissue. At the same time, deep massage to make fat into fatty acids, and drain away through the lymph circulation. This negative pressure deep massage can make the lymphatic drainage function increasing two times, to four times increased in skin blood circulation, make the body burn fat to accumulate more effectively, achieve the slimming effect.

Technical Parameters:

Working voltage:  100/110-220/240V                      

Max power: 220VA

Working frequency: 60Hz/50Hz                 

Fuse:  5A 100-240V(5×20)

RF output frequency: 5MHZ                   

Vacuum negative pressure:   0~100KPA

Net weight:   15KG (desktop), 16.35KG(Trolley)

Dimension:  52* 42* 40(cm), 85*60*37cm


Care information

SYLPH Electronic Technology Co,.Ltd, established in 2014, is an enterprise specializing in the design, R & D and production of high-end beauty equipment and nursing care in China. It supports OEM/ODM processing and customized OEM processing.

SYLPH introduces advanced production equipment and technology, constantly improves product manufacturing technology and process, covering laser, strong light, microwave, radio frequency, ultrasound and other technical fields. To provide customized and agent processing services for global beauty enterprises, we have successively launched a series of products, such as Hifu, RF anti-aging, body shaping, comprehensive equipment, etc. Through continuous technical improvement, our products have a strong competitiveness in the market.

With solid technology, excellent quality, rich production experience, professional and fine after-sales service, we enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Our products are widely sold in major cities at home and abroad, and are deeply trusted and praised by the majority of dealers and customers.

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