Microdermabrasion System Facial Skin Peeling Device At Home Portable Dermabrasion

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Diamond Dermabrasion Makes Use Of A Patented Diamond Dermabrasion Tube, Combined With Inlaid Diamond Particles Of Different Thickness Of The Diamond Carved Heads, And Rub Back And Forth By The Way, And With Instruments To Control The Intensity Of Suction Vacuum Suction, The Skin Worn A Shallow Layer Is A Non -Invasive, Shallow Dermabrasion Physical Nature. With Strong Suction Pressure And Quality Diamond Tips, It Works Just Like A Professional Microdermabrasion Treatment Without The Hassle And Cost.


  1. Remove Blackheads, Acne, And Grease.
  2. Desalinating Pigment;
  3. Promoting Rebirth Of The Collagen And Spring Fiber;
  4. Improve The Rough Skin
  5. Fade Dull And Uneven Tone
  6. Eliminate The Pigmentation
  7. Help Heal The Scars Caused By Skin Eruptions And Acne


Diamond Dermabrasion Role In The Dermis, Making Skin Activation, Repair And Regeneration For Acne, Acne Skin Treatment Treatment For The Dry Skin Treatment For The Sagging Skin And Wrinkle Treatment For The Stain And Dull Skin Treatment For Skin Hyperpigmentation.

Packing List:

1 * Host
6 * Diamond Tips
1 * Bag Of Cotton Filters
1 * Universal AC Adapter (100-240V 50/60 Hz)
1 * Carry Case


Electric Voltage:   12.5V
Dimension:   18.5cmx4.5cmx4cm
Weight:   160g

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