LIBRA Ultra-Cavi RF LIPO 3.0 | Ultrasonic Cavitation Radio Frequency Vacuum Liposuction RF Slimming Beauty Equipment

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LIBRA Ultra-Cavitation RF LIPO 3.0

High-Frequency Comprehensive Slimming Equipment

Cavitation-RF Vacuum Slim System

Professional Beauty Equipment


❶ Cavitation ultrasonic fat-blasting with Radio Frequency 
❷ Multipolar RF for face
❸ Multipolar RF for body
❹ RF Vacuum liposuction (S) for face
❺ RF Vacuum liposuction (M) for arms and legs
❻ RF Vacuum liposuction (L) for body

Function introduction:


Non-surgical blasting variant fat can effectively reduce the number of adipocytes and change the volume of adipocytes.

3d smart variable radio frequency

Endogenous heat changes the growth environment of human fat, dissolves fat, and changes the size of adipocytes.

Unlimited variable RF negative pressure:

Dredge the lymph and meridians, do the body shaping and discharge fat at the same time.

Infrared light:

Known as the light of life, it can activate the metabolic function of cells in the body, repair the swallowing function of macrophages in the body, and relieve inflammation and pain.

Technical parameter  

Working voltage:  110V/220V                    

Maximum power:  110V/220VA

Working frequency:  60Hz/50Hz                 

Fuse:   5A 100-240V(5×20)

Ultrasonic frequency:   40KHz

RF output frequency:   5MHZ                   

Negative pressure:   0-100KPA

Packing size:   47cm* 37cm* 51cm       

Weight:   about 19.1KG

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