Ultrasonic Cavitation RF ultrasond radio frequency beauty slimming machine

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Product Description:


Non-surgical blasting variant fat can effectively reduce the number of adipocytes and change the volume of adipocytes.

3d smart variable radio frequency:

Endogenous heat changes the growth environment of human fat, dissolves the fat, and changes the size of adipocytes.

Infrared light:

Known as the light of life, it can activate the metabolic function of cells in the body, repair the swallowing function of macrophages in the body, and relieve inflammation and pain.


Probe type:


RF frequency: Multipolar RF(3MHz)

Cavitation frequency: 40KHz

Input frequency: AC110~220V, 50/60Hz

Case: Iron case

Weight: 15KG(Desktop)

Meas(W*D*H): 54*43*40(cm)

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