DJM More Me Intelligent UV Skin Testing Analysis System 3D Smart Mirror Skin Analyzer

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Moreme skin detector delivers a significantly inproved experience for aesthetic and skin care consultations. Moreme detector assists you in accurately diagnosing skin conditions beneath the skin surface.The cloud storage helps you to track and respond to your clients' need. You can provide the clients a targeted visual advice. It make the sales simple.

Technical Data
Technical parameters:
Weight 4.1kg
Machine size: 390*250*595 mm (LxWxH)
Power Frequency: 50-60HZ
Input voltage of power supply: Global Universal 100-240V
Lighting Technology: Solid-state LED

Operating environment conditions:
Operating Conditions: Indoor use
Ambient temperature: 10~30℃
Relative humidity: 20~80%RH
Atmosphere pressure: 80-106Kpa

Transport and storage conditions:
Transportation and Storage Temperature: -20~60℃
Transportation and Storage Humidity: 5~90%RH
Storage Pressure: 50-106Kpa
Safe use of electricity: LEC60601-1-2 power supply to strengthen double isolation
Other conditions: According to the label on the package

Analytical Function
With the application of Moreme skin detector , you will be able to observe the following skin conditions more clearly:
*Depth of pigmentation in the skin
*Chestnut rash
*Distribution of Spot Precipitation
*Location a collagen Loss
*Sunburn injury
*Sensitive and thinning skin parts
*Acne and back-headed acne protoporphyrin
*Winkle formation
*Distribution of free grease
*Fine skin texture
*Pore obstruction
*Fine grain morphology
*Keratinocyte skin parts
*Skin irregularity
*Poor circulation
*Vascular status
*Dehydrated skin
*Rose spot
*Lipid-dried skin
*Skin irritation

Instruction for Use
1. Sunlight mode
Soft scattered light from all directions illuminates all the details of the face evenly without shadows or highlighting the special problems of different layers of the skin. To provide an objective and intuitive image basis for comprehensive evaluation of facial skin.
2. Polarization mode
Usually we can't observe the underside of the skin epidermis clearly because of the strong direct reflection of light on the skin surface. In polarization mode the special polarization light group can effectively reduce the direct reflection light, so that we can observe the skin color under the epidermis and the microvascular structure hidden under the shiny skin. In polarized mode, aging kin may be more transparent, revealing irregular skin features beneath the skin epidermis.
3. Texture mode
The visibility of skin texture can be enhanced by taking unique light. In this mode, the lens group reduces the visibility of hidden skin features beneath the skin surface, enhances surface optical reflection, and displays surface texture details, pore structure and initial fine lines.
4. UV mode
Under specific light, a small amount of harmless ultraviolet light can be irradiated so% ace, cells and tissues have the natural function of converting these the face skin. These invisible light can penetrate the skin surface, underneath invisible light into visible fluorescence, thus effectively turning the skin into a luminous body. Because light is produced in the skin, rather than the reflected light, skin problems hidden beneath the skin surface can be observed.
5. Wood mode
The distribution of active sebaceous glands and oil film can be seen by light spectrum. The intensity and depth of inflammation around the sebaceous glands can be observed. the chloasma.
6. Aging mode
Because of physiological aging and light damage, skin color will be uneven. Different from the congenital uniform skin color, there will be local pigmentation in all areas of the face, and skin color will change. Physiological aging picture focuses on the subtle differences between skin color and pigmentation, so that the effect of uneven skin color on age is better recognized than the surface aging signs such as wrinkles and sagging skin.
7. Sensitivity mode
Healthy skin in the sensitive mode is pinky white. Due to inflammation, acne extrusion, and other reasons, local punctate red symptoms are at the bottom of the skin, It needs therapy. The large area of red face caused by sunlight, allergies blood circulation after exercise and other reasons will automatically disappear with time and circulation slowdown. The two reactions are completely different.
8. Brown mode
Brown mode, you can clearly see the distribution of melanin. Melanin analysis can be used to analyze the types of spots (chloasma, brown-cyan nevus, age spots, etc.) the spot been treated or not, and what kind of treatment (product skin change, light treatment, etc.).
9 Trend mode
According to the basic state of skin, combined the facial analysis data of the previous modes, DJM cloud computer can accurately calculate the distribution and state of future facial plaques, and forecast the development of plaques.
10. Black-white mode
Black-white picture can clearly see the trend of sunlight spots on the face, the trend of photoaging, and the distribution of pore garbage, which can be used to prevent skin problems.


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