High Power Multifunction SHR DPL OPT Acne removal Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal Machine

High Power Multifunction SHR DPL OPT Acne removal Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal Machine

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DPL priciple:

DPL’s unique 550nm-650nm narrow-spectrum light can simultaneously generate photothermy and photochemical effects, rearrange collagen fibers and elastc fibers in the deep part, and restore skin elasticity, at the same time enhance function of the vascular, improve circulation, and make skin smooth, delivate and flexible.

Hair removal principle:

After the melanin in the hair shaft is used to selectively absorb light energy,and the heat is conducted through the hair shaft to the hair follicle isthmus and hair follicle bulge(hair papilla, hair growth point), thereby dectroying the blood vessels atthe hair papilla. It shrinks when heated, thereby achieving the effect of hair removal.

Remove red blood principle: 

 After hemoglobin selectively absorbs light energy, it causes the blood to heat up, form a thrombus, and close the dilated blood vessels. The blood cannot pass through the diseased blood vessels, causing it to atrophy due to lack of nutrition, and finally
metabolizes by the body's metabolism to achieve the purpose of treating capillary dilation;Because there is less hemoglobin in the undilated capillaries and less light energy absorption, it is not affected.

Freckle principle:

Strong pulsed light of a specific wavelength acts on the skin and is selectively absorbed by the melanin in the diseased tissue(the content of melanin in the diseased tissue is much higher than that of normal tissue). After the melanin absorbs the light energy. It is split into fine particles, and part of it is swallowed by ms. After being excreted with the lymphatic systacrophagm, some of the epidermal pigments are deepened, and the spot pigments are thermally coagulated by the effect of light and heat, and the spots disapppear with the skin metabolism; the normal tissues absorb less light energy and apply the epidermalcoolng technology, so normal tissues no damage.


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