DCOOL Cryo-electroporation hot and cold EMS beauty machine

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Product Description:

D˚COOL is a multifunctional instrument that combines thermal energy, freezing, and no-needle mesotherpy penetration.

Heat opens the pores smoothly, the ice feeling helps relax the skin and reduces the skin temperature, and tightens the pores after treatment. In addition, the wall penetration can make nutrition deep into the skin.

D˚COOL Advantage: 

-  Potent ice sence -15℃-20℃

-  Hyperthermia massage 30℃-40℃

-  Mesotherapy technology to improve permeability

-   Provide positive/negative selection

-   Effective coordination of different nutritional products

D˚COOL Characteristic:

-  Necessary after laser and micro needle treatment

-  Improve penetration and absorption capacity

-  Effective lifting and tightening, fade wrinkles

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